launch pad Masterclass 

90 Minutes of Expert Creative Writing Advice,
from Author Ander Louis.

Take your students’ storytelling skills to the next level, with expert creative writing tips and techniques that you won’t find in the schoolbooks.

Our Masterclass Seminars are designed to engage, entertain, and inspire your students - while solving the most common issues teachers face with student narratives. 

Your students will be turning in stories that are a joy to read - you’ll be asking them for sequels! 

Every participant will receive a Masterclass Booklet with activities, lesson summaries, templates, and questions.

Masterclasses are available for big or small groups, from a classroom to an auditorium.

Tailored to your audience, from Prep to VCE.

A pre-masterclass consultation will ensure that the presentation is tailored to your audience and their curriculum needs. 

Areas of focus can include: 

  • Narrative arcs that draw the reader in

  • Go beyond the Story Mountain - a new way to story plan

  • Make your settings feel like real places

  • Give your characters depth and make them come to life

  • No more meandering stories and rogue plot points 

  • Improved use of descriptive language 

  • Make your stories more engaging

  • Make your story orientations more intriguing

  • Improve the pacing of your stories

  • Make your story endings more satisfying

  • Write prose with style and good judgement 

  • Author Q&A - let your students ask anything

  • And much more! 

Book your Creative Writing Masterclass today by completing the Contact form below.

Prices start at $7.50 Per Student. Additional fees (Travel, material, etc.) may be applied. 

Launch Pad host Ander Louis tells Grade 3 students about writing novels.

Year 7 students at Hampton Park Secondary College, learning a lesson from the film 'INCEPTION'.

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Above: Local Leader newspaper article about the Launch Pad Program (click to expand)

What People Are Saying About Launch Pad School Incursions

Meagan Callander, School Principal - "Middle Kinglake Primary School have been lucky enough to work with Ander Louis to publish their very own book of short stories. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the project and the benefits were huge. The project culminated with an official book launch and students, staff, families and the wider school community were thrilled with the results. We thank Ander for his time and expertise and look forward to working with him again in the future." Read More

 Ella Buszano, Student - "I really enjoyed being an author! I thought it was very fun and cool to learn how to write a book and have it like a real book. Thanks Andrew." Read More

 Caroline Greenwood, Parent - "Wow, what an amazing experience for the children. I wish I could have done this when I was at school!" Read More

Anson Tang, Student - "I really enjoyed writing my own adventure story. I also learnt lots of hints and tips for writing. It was really fun." Read More

Tina McDougall, School Principal - "Our students at CGPS were thrilled to have the opportunity to complete the Writing Process. They were so excited and proud to see the final product… A published book, with all of their hard work! Thank you Andrew!" Read More

Akanksha, Student - "It was a great opportunity to learn the process of being an author. I had great fun." Read More

Martin Symes, School Council President/Parent - "Andrew, a huge thank you for your creativity, hard work, and mentoring of the students at Carlton Gardens PS to create this wonderful book. The kids have had fun and learnt a lot at the same time - what more could you wish for?" Read More

Julie Hoskin, Assistant Principal - "A fabulous project! The students were privileged to work with a published author! They were very excited when they saw their own work in a professionally bound book. A truly worthwhile experience." Read More

Jenny Chen, Parent - "It has been a great opportunity for my daughter to be part of this program. She has since developed a lot of interests in reading and writing, as well as her imagination! It has improved her creative writing, and she is proud of being part of this program." Read More

Catherine James, Teacher Librarian - "Andrew worked exceptionally well with the students of Middle Kinglake Primary School. He worked collaboratively with teachers and children. The children were inspired to write in their own voice. They very much looked forward to his sessions. He talked to all children individually and gave them excellent writing advice. The book produced looked fantastic and the children were very proud of the end result. There was a very positive response from the children, teachers and parents to the book writing program. An excellent program that easily complements what already is happening in the classroom."

Read More

Gemma Harrop, Student - "I really enjoyed this amazing opportunity! It has given me a lot of motivation for being an author. Thank you Andrew!" Read More

Shelly Fehring, 5/6 Teacher - "The Launch Pad Program was a really great experience for my classroom. Our students focussed on 'the writing process,' from planning through to publishing, and this program allowed the students to see their writing in an extremely rewarding way. They were so excited and proud. Thanks Andrew!" Read More

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