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How Launch Pad Can Help after Disappointing PISA Results [VIDEO]


The results of the PISA Educational Study are in and it’s not good news for Australian students. The global study of more than half a million 15 year olds has found that Australia is lagging significantly behind other countries in the areas of math, science, and reading. Of these three areas in which we are falling behind, it’s reading which is the key area. Reading comprehension is the single most broadly applicable skill that a student can develop in their student career. Australian students have slipped from 4th place to 16th place in “Reading: Literacy” since 2003.

The key to solving this problem is to increase a student’s reading comprehension at a primary school age. This has a compounding effect, the results of which become increasingly apparent as the student ages into high school. Increasing a student’s reading comprehension will also result in an increase in their aptitude for all other subjects, including math and science. In practical terms: Kids who read books for fun grow into better all-round students.

The challenge that teachers face everyday is getting students who are not bookish (the ones who say “I don't really like reading”) to like books. All parents know how difficult it can be to teach a young person to like something. In fact, often, the more we try to get someone to like something, the less likely they are to do so.

This is the exact problem that Launch Pad was created to solve. It's those non-bookish students who get the most benefit from our author programs. After Launch Pad they will no longer shy away from the topic of books, but will proudly say “Yeah! I was in a book. I'm a published author!” We believe that a small boost in confidence at a young age will mean a far more confident and capable student later. More info at launchpad.vic.edu.au

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