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Sticky-Note Stories with Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School in Diamond Creek put their hand up in 2018 to be the first to try the new “Sticky-Note Stories” program offered by Launch Pad. While the standard Launch Pad book is filled with short stories which are worked on for many weeks, and perfected through editing and proofing processes, our Sticky-Note Stories program is completed in just 2 hours. A Launch Pad anthology is a big undertaking, and has a great sense of importance attached. Our newest product offers a new avenue into the world of books: Silliness. It’s fun, fast, and silly, but at the end of the program, we still have a big book launch party to celebrate the release of the anthology. The end product is an extremely entertaining book, which you can open at any page and it will make you smile. The experience leaves the students with a positive association to books, reading, writing, and publishing that will help convert them into book people.

Compared to our Anthology Program, the Sticky-Note Stories program takes less time and costs around half the price, and yet still creates a massive sense of fun and pride among the school community. Making a book doesn't need to be serious business, and sometimes the experiences that have the biggest impact on kids are the silly ones. (This, curiously, is the exact reason Elon Musk spent billions sending a Space-Dummy to Mars in a Tesla Roadster Convertible…)

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