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Weathering the Storm of 2020

For Launch Pad, 2020 was a year of laying low - not surprisingly - but we still managed to knock out a few accomplishments...

Middle Kinglake PS and Team Launch Pad - Making it work in 2020!

For starters, we ran our first Online Author Residency - with St Anne's Primary School. Using online tools, we created a weekly online hangout, complete with a story critique zone, author chats, and the centrepiece: a weekly creative writing seminar/workshop.

We also created and published anthologies with four schools - working remotely when necessary, turning several hundred school students into published authors.

Working remotely with Doncaster PS students, to publish their 2020 anthology.

We used our downtime to develop an exciting new incursion: "Life Hacks for Writers", a seminar we can't wait to share in our line up for 2021.

And most importantly, we proved that Launch Pad can successfully provide workshops and seminars remotely, effectively opening up our programs for world-wide participation! Now that is a silver lining!

Oh boy, are we ready to have some writery fun in 2021!

Check out our offerings for 2021, including our new seminar "Life Hacks for Writers" on our Incursions Page.

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