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Turn Your Students Into Book People

Professional Learning Workshop

Target Group: Classroom Teachers, Leaders of Literacy F - 6
Delivery Model: Seminar/Workshop
PL Contribution: Contributes 4 Hours of Professional Learning


Launch Pad is committed to developing effective methods to build enthusiasm for reading, writing, and books among young Australians. Children who read literature for pleasure as a hobby will see better grades universally throughout their student career. Boosting student confidence around reading, writing, and books at a primary school age will yield significant positive flow-on effects.


It takes a different skill-set to teach a student to enjoy reading than it does to teach them to read. Through his unique experience, Launch Pad host Ander Louis has gained special insight around teaching literature, contributing to a philosophy of teaching which has seen remarkable results in converting non-readers into ‘Book People’.


Ander Louis is the creator of Up & Up Media (independent publishing label) and Launch Pad Writers Club (literacy education provider).

Louis has hosted over 200 creative writing workshops at schools around Australia, working one-on-one with over 1500 school students to write and publish 1640 short stories across 29 anthologies.

Louis specialises in encouraging reluctant writers and recovery students to participate with confidence and enthusiasm, providing new challenges to enrich the creative writing experience for gifted students, and creating a cooperative attitude towards literature among all students.


Louis's goal is to convert students who ‘don’t really read’, into book people - those who enjoy reading, writing, and books.

  • Improve literacy scores

  • Learn practical strategies to engage reluctant writers and readers

  • Learn practical techniques to increase the quality of creative narratives

  • Learn practical techniques for improved story planning and narrative cohesion (No more meandering stories)

  • Improve student attitude towards reading, writing, and books - school-wide, to create a bookish student-base

  • Increase percentage of students who read for pleasure

  • Boost student confidence around reading, writing, and books

  • Explore the importance and benefits of reading for pleasure in young people

  • Apply practical techniques and tips to increase the quality of narrative stories coming from their classroom, and increase classroom engagement and enthusiasm for creative writing

  • Identify, understand, and remedy different reasons why young people might be reluctant to participate in creative writing

  • Facilitate the improvement of narrative storytelling skills within their classroom

  • Create an environment of cooperation rather than competitiveness among storytellers

  • Understand an array of practical techniques for increasing student creativity, building enthusiasm for story planning and writing, improving story cohesion, and engaging reluctant readers and writers.

  • Increase the percentage of students who read for pleasure

  • Articulate an understanding of the benefits of reading for pleasure among young people


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