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About Launch Pad

Our aim is to encourage a love of reading, writing, and books.

Launch Pad was created to help schools take their creative writing to the next level, and to give enthusiastic young writers a club to belong to.  

Our Team

Ander Louis

Creator of Launch Pad, Fantasy Author, Workshop Host

Ander Louis is a Yarra Valley author, who loves to read, write, and talk books.

His first two novels 'The Liberation' and 'A Duet for Swans' are favourites for many Australian school kids.

Louis specializes in teaching new and different methods of planning and writing stories.

Robert Verhagen

Historical Fiction Author, Workshop Host

Robert Verhagen is an expert historian, with a passion for historical fiction.

Verhagen's first novella 'Murder at the Mountain Rush' is set in his home region - the Kinglake ranges, during the gold rush era. 

Verhagen is a font of knowledge in all things storytelling, and a warm and enthusiastic workshop host. 

Aaron Huggins

Ex-Launch Pad Student, Published Author, Workshop Host

Aaron Huggins is currently studying Screenwriting a Melbourne Uni. Not long ago, in 2015, Huggins was a grade 6 student, completing the Launch Pad incursion at Middle Kinglake Primary School.

By the age of 15, Huggins had published his first novel 'Live a Little', a sci-fi mystery, via Up & Up Media. 

We're pleased to welcome Aaron Huggins to the Launch Pad team, to share his personal Launch Pad journey and his expertise with students who would like to follow in his path.